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Influence and Persuasion
Programme Overview

With buyers becoming more attuned to the techniques of the average sales person, being able to persuade and influence effectively can be the vital ingredient to differentiate you fron the competition.This course will equip you with the skills to close orders faster and more securely, by engaging with clients at multiple levels.

If you are a poker player this programme could change the way you play, as we look at the techniques poker players use to tell if a player is bluffing......... So what's your tell?

Upon completion of this training course, delegates will be able to
  • Recognise their own influencing style and how to flex this style effectively.
  • Recognise their underlying motivators using the SDI tool and how this can influence the sales cycle.
  • Describe the key ingredients a proposition must have to engage a client effectively at multiple levels
  • Use psychological techniques to create compelling reasons and a desire to purchase their product/services.

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