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SalesAcceleration was founded by Graham Price, who had previously held senior sales training management posts in a number of FTSE companies, to provide the very best and very latest in sales consultancy and training. It was while he was doing these roles he recognised there was a real gap in the market place for innovative, pragmatic sales development that focused on generating increased revenue.
At SalesAcceleration we are so convinced we can raise performance, we will even link our results to yours if we need to. Our strategy is to look at the COMPLETE picture, which may allow us to assist in a number of ways, that may or may not include training.
Commissions & Reward - Understanding how and what you incentivise your sales staff on
Overall Strategy - Getting to grips with the overall sales strategy, targeting and activity levels
Motivation - The sales teams motivation, energy levels and receptivity to development
Processes - The front end sales processes you use and back end administration
Latent Talent - The skill levels of your sales force
Environment - The culture and leadership style of the sales function
Tools - The sales tools available to the sales force
Experience - The experience of the sales team in terms of account size and biographies
"There is a myriad of sales training companies out in the market place selling you the latest pneumonic, but actually selling practical results there are not that many. Most Sales Directors/Sales Managers know instinctively what their salespeople should be doing, the real issue is getting them to do it and that is where I really feel we help" - Graham Price

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