Negotiating Skills to Negotiate Effective Win Win Outcomes

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Agreeing a negotiation for a win win outcome
Negotiating Skills for Effective Win Win Solutions
Although our programmes are designed individually for each client there are some programmes that are more generic and "Negotiating Skiils for Effective Win Win Solutions" is an example of this. It also means that we can run these programmes in-house with less design work, saving time and costs for our clients (This programme can also be taiored for buyers)
Programme Overview
Negotiating with buyers has become increasingly difficult as margins get tighter, costs are being lowered and through globalisation there is a wider array of choice for customers. This workshop is designed to counter the tactics used by experienced buyers to drive down costs and put the control back in the hands of the seller and not the buyer. As negotiating is vital in getting what both parties need, you will find this workshop invaluable in creating the right type of relationships with your customers, built on trust and mutual respect.

The course content will be a mix of theory and practical exercises that will include;

  • Knowing your BATNA levels
  • Planning for Negotiations using a Negotiating planning tool
  • Areas of the sale that have the biggest impact on bringing about an effective negotiation
  • How to build respect and trust based on mutual Win/Win outcomes
  •  Identifying and controlling the balance of power in a negotiation
  • Recognising the buyers negotiating style/preferences and how best to adapt your style
  • How to  trade across a range of concessions, based on their value to both parties
  • Recognising techniques taught to experienced Negotiators and how to deal with them
  • How to deal with negotiations when they get difficult and have the potential to go wrong

If you wish to discuss how we can run this programme for you, please EMAIL US for further information or call us to discuss a Win Win Outcome

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