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Personality Selling Workshop

With This course is for experienced sales professionals who need to maximize relationships with all their potential or existing customers. They will learn more about their own personality style and how to gauge and respond to the different styles of even the most challenging customers, in this practical and engaging workshop. This programme will engage attendees throughout with a range of discussion and practical exercises. Even the most experienced attendees will leave with an increased self awareness of their own type, and how they can flex their style to engage even their most challenging customers. (whether they are internal or external)

Personality Selling Workshop Objectives

By the end of this programme attendees will be able to:-
  • Describe their own type preferences in terms of the Myers-Briggs type indicator and how they prefer to interact.
  • Recognise behaviour cues from each type preference and how others prefer to receive communication
  • Use alternative ways of communicating with customers of different type preferences.
  • Tailor and adapt emails and presentations to ensure these engage their target audience

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