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Motivational drivers of a sales team
Are your sales staff sales call reluctant?

One of the biggest issues hampering sales performance is the self limiting beliefs of your sales people. If you hear the following then you are probably suffering from the effects of this affliction
  • "I am too busy too cold call"
  • "I need to be in the mood to cold call and I am not in that mood now"
  • "I need to sort my data out over the next few weeks before I start calling customers"
  • "Cold calling doesnt work"
  • "I am not very good at cold calling"
  • "Where are my leads?"
The good news is it is ultimately curable (Although the old fashion method of applying a big stick is not that effective). We specialise in applying focus to the reasons behind this reluctance which can be a lack of training, lack of self belief or in some cases just sheer laziness.
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