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Sales Management Development and Training

If you believe the research from experts such as "Marcus Buckingham" and "Zengman and Folger" then effective leadership may well be the key business differentiator.  However you spin it, every bit of analysis on real reasons why people leave to join other companies always cites the persons manager as being the most common (70% will cite their manager as the main reason for leaving)
We help sales leaders create the skills and behaviours, that ensure people will want to stay and be able to redirect funds into sales team development instead of the Recruitment Agencies coffers. The types of areas we focus on, in terms of sales management training are;
  • Sales Force Motivation
  • Sales Accomp Coaching 
  • Performance Management and HR Legislation 
  • Recruitment and Interviewing skills
  • Sales Activity Focus
  • Training skills for Sales Managers
  • Effective team building

For information on SOCIAL STYLE Profiles for Sales People follow this link