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Sales Consultancy that Increases Sales Results

Sales Consultancy

One of the most important things we do for organisations is our sales consultancy. We look at the complete picture (explained in more detail here) that allows us to make recommendations for the most effective ways to generate more sales, more conversions or increased sales activity depending on the key priorities of your business. If we do not feel we are the best organisation to move this forward we will tell you. Our consultancy is broken down into several stages.

First Stage

The first stage is defining the sales performance you are looking for and making sure it is achievable. There is an old proverb "that if you reach for the stars you might reach the moon", so how many people have reached the moon?

Second Stage

The second stage is analysing the sales performance and looking for trends. Sounds simple but you would be surprised how many companies target sectors or sizes of organisations they have never achieved results with, while missing their most likely targets. Sometimes a readjustment of the marketing effort is enough to kick start a sales team.

Third Stage

The third stage is defining the gap and this tends to fall into a number of areas, such as level of activity, conversion rates, lack of cross-sell and upsell.

Fourth Stage

The fourth stage is to recognise the cause of the gap and define the solution. Is it a lack of Resources, skills or even attitude? The important thing here (Contrary to most sales training companies you will meet) is to define whether training is the answer. A quick rule of thumb is "If they have done it before, and they are not doing it now the cause is most likely motivational.". Sometimes the answer isn't always what you want to hear, poor management skills, wrong people etc, but whatever we recommend we will always ensure that it achieves your desired result. 

Fifth Stage

The fifth stage is simply implementation and follow up, where we work with you every step of the way to make sure your objectives are reached.
"The main issue I find, is in selling organisations what they need in terms of sales development as opposed to what they may want. I am sure I have lost business in the past because I have not picked Closing Skills 101 out of the bag, when I know this won't be the answer but other consultants will." - Graham Price

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