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Creating your own Sales Process.

One of the fundamental reasons for a lack of sales performance is the lack of a well defined sales process. However there are so many sales processes, sales methodologies and sales structures out in the marketplace, it is hard to decide what process you should adopt. Most have been developed from the Professional Selling Skills Model of the 1960's and are too simplistic for todays market place or completely over complicate the process.
The answer, with our help, is to develop your own sales process, with your staff, that is less reliant on making someones sales methodology fit within your organisation. There are major advantages in developing your own sales process
  • Less resistance to a sales methodology which is built internallly
  • It can change and adapt as your market does
  • It can flex to the audience (ie tele or field)
  • It can be coached in effectively
  • No copyright or usage fees
  • You own the Intellectual Copyright
  • Purpose built for your business and market
  • Seamless integration of new starters
  • Ability to analyse sales calls to a common standard
With your help, we can design your own sales process but with a degree of rigor, that it is hard to do on your own. We start uniquely with our "Customer Buying Cycle" and a thorough analysis of any existing processes and market place to develop a comprehensive sales process that is your to keep for ever more, free of licence fees.
We can then take this process, that we develop with your sales force, and help you imbed it in your organisation, through effective training and support.
Please request the free whitepaper below which has some key findings around the importance of a defined sales process.

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