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Graham Price - Sales Development Specialist

Graham Price is a specialist in training Sales Managers and experienced sales people and has spent over a decade developing 1000's of sales professionals around the Globe. After a successful career in sales and sales management, he held roles, looking after the global sales development strategy, for a number of large companies including Yell and Reed Elsevier.
It was while he was doing these roles, he recognised their was a real gap in the market place for innovative, pragmatic sales training, that focused on generating increased revenue. The large majority of sales trainers and sales training companies he encountered were selling the same material, to every company they came across, and very few (if any) were interested in analysing the market place, the end results, or ultimate change in behaviour. So SalesAcceleration was set up deliver tangible sales development through;
  • Bespoke design of training based on clear measurable objectives
  • Thorough Training Needs Analysis to create what clients actually need
  • Measurable follow up through support and coaching
  • Delivering training in a number of formats suitable for global audiences
  • Developing robust sales processes
  • Creating real change in the sales force competency

"Graham Price was at the centre of a series of training initiatives – focusing on ensuring that the individuals had the right opportunities to learn the new skills required by the business in today’s climate.The culmination our the training was the “dreaded” video presentation and Graham was at hand to give not only personal coaching to people who needed extra coaching but also to be the most neutral observer  with strong analytical skills I’ve come across" Global Sales Director, Online Information Company

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