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If one of the biggest complaints from sales people is, "My Manager never gets out with me", the other one is "My Manager takes over the call when he/she does". However the art of "Sales Accomp Coaching" is rarely trained and almost never assessed, although it is one of the key tools, in a Sales Managers toolbox.
We are able to get out with a sales team for side by side Field Sales or Tele Sales accomp with an objectivity a manager can never truly get. Alternatively we can develop the skills of Sales Managers. To that end we have developed a "Sales Accomp Coaching Workshop" which, can be run in-house or, you have the chance of attending or sending your managers on one of our open workshops, which run regularly at venues around the country. So if you need a sales coach or someone to develop your internal coaches, then look no further.
We have worked out that we have done 1000's of sales coaching accomps, and formal roleplay assessments, over the years. Because of that we have developed some superb techniques, that never fail to inspire and motivate the individuals we work with.
Follow the link for details of our Sales Coaching Workshops

"With regards to the training you carried out with xxx and xxx recently. I would like to Thank You for putting this on, and taking the time to understand some of the key issues facing the team. The feedback that I have had has been superb, and both have been singing your praises." - Sales Manager, Property Company

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