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Sales Coach - Graham Price

Graham Price is a specialist sales coach and coaches Sales Managers, experienced sales people and Key Account Managers. He has spent over a decade developing and coaching 1000's of sales professionals around the Globe. With a firm belief that people have the ability to continuously develop and improve themselves, Graham works to unlock the potential within by providing sales professionals with effective sales coaching that provides objective feedback and the tools to allow practical self discovery.
As a sales coach and sales trainer Graham is uniquely placed to analyse performance and then create practical solutions and steps for improvement by;
  • Acting as a sounding board for Sales Managers
  • Providing practical advice for new and experienced Sales leaders
  • Developing the coaching skills of Sales Managers
  • Spending time with sales people in the field on sales visits
  • Providing creative insight into effective relationship building
  • Providing a sales recruitment and retention strategy
  • Helping to create effective sales teams
  • Analysing Sales and Marketing Strategies
  • Building effective sales Roleplays and simulations

How does Sales Coaching Work?

Graham Price or one of the other sales coaches will come out to your organisation for an agreed period of time, on an hourly rate. There is a high degree of flexibility and we are able to work with you in your offices or on client visits, providing specialist objective sales coaching feedback.

What does Sales Coaching Cost?

Using a Sales Coach will cost less than delivering sales training as there is no need for course notes, venues or design and preparation time. This means that rates can be negotiated on an hourly rate.

To find out more about how our sales coaching packages can help you increase your sales team effectiveness, EMAIL us now or call us on 0845 643 4508 

"Graham Price was at the centre of a series of training initiatives – focusing on ensuring that the individuals had the right opportunities to learn the new skills required by the business in today’s climate.The culmination our the training was the “dreaded” video presentation and Graham was at hand to give not only personal coaching to people who needed extra coaching but also to be the most neutral observer  with strong analytical skills I’ve come across" Global Sales Director, Online Information Company

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