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Selling Online Advertising Workshop

This Two-day training course has been specifically designed for advertising sales teams. There are now more options than ever for the salesman to offer customers including banner ads, pop ups, pop unders, interstitials, rich media, electronic, newsletter sponsorship, online event sponsorship etc. This training course gives sales teams the knowledge and understanding of the online advertising opportunities, that will enable them to develop the skills to dramatically boost their online sales, without encroaching on existing sales of offline advertising.

Selling Online Advertising Workshop Objectives

By the end of this programme attendees will be able to:-
  • An increased knowledge of online advertising products and their benefits
  • Increased their confidence to sell Internet advertising and other website development possibilities.
  • Explored and developed the skills to sell effective online advertising campaigns

Selling Online Advertising Workshop Content

  • Introduction to Internet Marketing - The different routes to market and what works and what fails. eBusiness and internet trends in your sector. The law online and common internet marketing terms
  • Defining your Online advertising Proposition - The first few seconds with a customer are vital in establishing credibility and building rapport. Developing your introduction and defining why a customer should listen to you is our start point
  • Identifying customer needs and creating a sense of urgency - We will cover the key questions you must ask to identify the client’s needs. This will also include defining the campaign in the client’s terms and looking for the key reasons why it needs to go ahead in terms of the output a client is looking for
  • Building the Business Case - Quantifying what is realistic in terms of an online campaign is vital to the success of any online advertising campaign and letting the customer define what campaign success look like will help you create the “Return on Objectives”
  • Delivering an online advertising recommendation - Putting together the output of the two days into an effective recommendation to the client that talks their language and addresses their needs and requirements

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