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Strategic Account Selling Workshop

This programme is for the more seasoned sales professional, who is working on larger big ticket deals. It will allow attendees to make more informed commercial decisions on how to approach and deal with larger accounts especially when they are dealing with multiple contacts. With many major account planing workshops, there is a pure focus on the process. This programme also focusses on the more subjective areas around the people issues within accounts and the best approach for different individuals

Strategic Account Selling Workshop Objectives

By the end of this programme attendees will be able to:-
  • Use the strategic account planning tool to manage key accounts and create a plan that focuses on the immediate and medium term goals.
  • Effectively use commercial and financial information to analyse and rank commercial priorities, to achieve progress in an account. 
  • Identify the main business drivers within a client and determine investment decision priorities.
  • Be able to analyse the strengths, and reduce any weaknesses of their offering to clients. 
  • Assess the profitability of winning business

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