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Building the Value Proposition Workshop

We developed this programme to help organisations define their products and services in terms of the value they deliver to clients. This goes much further than the traditional approaches to Features and Benefits, where the term "Which means that" was used to define and separate them. In a customer centric world where customers have researched your products and services, via the web, before you meet them, your sales proposition needs to be defined succinctly in terms each individual client will understand, not as a generic sales pitch. Suitable for experienced sales staff, marketeers and business owners this programme helps you redefine your core offerings

Building the Value Proposition Workshop Objectives

By the end of this programme attendees will be able to:-
  • Define the value proposition they are selling in terms applicable to a varied audience 
  • Identify the key drivers that will motivate customers to engage with your products and services 
  • Build a common value framework across the business
  • Assess their sales material and literature from an effective tried and tested template

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